Sugar Minott

A Dancehall Reggae Legend

The Journey of Sugar

We are happy To Announce The Launch Of SUGARMINOTT.COM . Here you will be able to explore and take a journey into the life of this Iconic Reggae SuperStar. With a catalogue To vast to correlate one of the most heavily recorded Reggae musicians he is musical legacy seems to have no end. From Chart topping hits To the Underground Soul and beat of Reggae Music he has Mastered Every Style and touched even Genre. Founding the First Non Profit Artist Residency in the Heart of Kingston Jamaica he opened the Gates and Ushered in a Musical movement that has shaped musical culture to this day. Lets all take some time to find out who this Great man was and what his true mission portrayed. give thanks to all the fans who have held Sugar Minott in such a High regard all these years much more to come . New Album on the way make sure to visit website for more info on activities and events involving Youth Promotion and the Sugar Minott Legacy.


Sweet Sounds Of Sugar

Veteran singer, selector, songwriter, musician and producer Sugar Minott – born Lincoln Barrington Minott – from Kingston, Jamaica has been a driving force in pioneering the creation of reggae music. Contributing his indoctrination to the reggae music from growing up in the dancehall where some of the best sounds of the day used to play.

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